Custom Solutions

Custom Laser Cutting

Custom solutions for Current, Voltage, Frequency and Power are a specialty of CR Magnetics, Inc. Our custom-engineered products are designed and manufactured to meet specific customer requirements. We can customize any of our standard catalog offerings to meet your applications needs, or we can start with your idea and develop a product from scratch.

Using our state-of-the-art Rubber Mold process, Laser Cutter and UV Printer, CR Magnetics can customize and label the product to suit your needs. Standard catalog items can be reconfigured within days and most completely custom designs can be provided fully operative engineering models within weeks.

All CR Magnetics parts meet the lead-free and other dangerous chemical requirements of RoHS. Our most popular products carry CE, UL, and UL Canada. Our laboratory also includes the necessary equipment including high-pot testing, environmental testing, and load testing to be able to provide our customers the information and source they need when exploring custom solutions that require agency approvals. Our experience in working with certifying agencies make implementing new and exciting monitoring schemes much easier and quicker.